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Bořislavka Centrum

24 000 sqm of modern office and retail space, 
Evropska av., Prague 6

top´rezidence - Pomezí

premium living in Prague - Kosire location
with magnificent views on Prague

top´rezidence - Šárecké údolí

50 houses in top location
Prague 6 - Sarka Valley

FM&S Czech, a.s.
IPM - Industrial Portfolio Management a.s.

The goal of the KKCG Logistic & Industrial vehicle (Czech Holding) is to put together a strong portfolio of individual assets which are basically too big for local investors or too small for institutional investors. The majority of the assets shell be acquired off market for very attractive yields and financed via long term financing to maximise the benefit from current yield gap. The whole structure will be managed by a newly set up management company IPM a.s. (Industrial Portfolio Management a.s.)

We will be focusing on core real estate markets in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. These countries still offer domestic economical growth potential and are located in the center of Europe along the current and future transport routes from North to South, East to West and vice versa. The vehicle should have an total investment volume of EUR 100 Mio. and once created can be sold to institutional investors or floated via an IPO to individual investors. All target investments are expected to have very good locations and are technically in excellent shape and are expected to be diversified on Location, on Project Size and Tenantmix diversified.

Industrial Portfolio Management a.s., Vinohradská 1511/230

KKCG Real Estate Group is a member of the KKCG Investment Group. It was founded in 2012 for the purpose of ensuring effective management of the Group's real estate projects. Its main activities are residential and commercial development and facility management. The company also monitors real estate trends and markets, seeks out good investment opportunities and provides advice for the parent company KKCG SE. KKCG Real Estate Group's vision is to create permanent values combined with a genius loci with innovative architecture in line with sustainable development principles.

Aside from top´rezidence in Sarka Valley and Pomezi, KKCG Real Estate Group is also building the BOŘISLAVKA business and office centre, located just under 5 minutes away from top´rezidence. For more information about the Bořislavka project, please see the presentation at www.borislavka.cz.

KKCG is an international investment group administering more than CZK 50 billion in assets and employs more than 2,000 people. As a strategic investor, it focuses long-term on petroleum, natural gas and strategic investments related to lotteries and entertainment, real estate, travel, engineering and ICT. The KKCG Group holds stakes in more than 30 Czech and foreign companies, which include the MND Group, lottery company SAZKA sázková kancelář a.s., Vítkovice a.s., Vítkovice Holding, the Intermos Group, the Fischer travel agency group, Grossman Jet Service, Informační linky a.s. and more. KKCG is active in several countries of the world, specifically Cyprus, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Germany, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine.

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KKCG Real Estate Group

member of KKCG Group
Seat: Vinohradská 230/1511,
100 00, Praha 10

File number: B 18164
filed with the Municipal Court in Prague
ID: 24291633, VAT number: CZ 24291633

The company is a member of the group whose management is the KKCG AG, reg. č. CHE 326 367 231, se sídlem Kapellgasse 21, 6004 Luzern, Švýcarsko

KKCG RE is a proud sponsor of the international classical music festival   International Music Festival - Dvořákova Praha