Here you will find information defining how KKCG Real Estate a.s., registered address Prague 10, Vinohradská 1511/230, postal code 100 00, Company ID: 242 91 633 (hereinafter only “KKCG RE”), protects information provided by you. We would also like to provide you with all the relevant information related to your rights and obligations.

Here you will also find information on why, when, how and what personal data we process. We also specify contact information where you may exercise your rights or where you may request us to provide information on personal data processing methods.

We collect and process your personal data in line with the applicable valid and effective legal regulations. Therefore, we apply all measures to limit misuse of personal data provided by you in any shape or form. We process your personal data only if there is a legal basis to process your personal data.

Under certain conditions we may change or update statements on personal data to make sure that these statements are always in line with valid legal regulations. Therefore, we recommend that you visit this website often to make sure that you always have up-to-date information on its contents as this statement may be modified or updated.

1. Identity and contact information of data administrator

The processor of your personal data is KKCG RE. Should you request any information on the processing of your personal data or should you exercise your rights in line with article 5 below, please email us your request to

2. Purpose and legal basis for data processing

We process your personal data only if you have given us your consent to process your personal data for marketing purposes, and to be able to contact you with our offers (the legal basis is the consent given by data subjects). We only require data from you that are absolutely necessary for the given purpose.

Therefore, we would like to specify what personal data we process:

a)    The legal basis is your consent, where you agree to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes

  • name, surname, e-mail, phone number

3. Recipient or categories of personal data recipients

KKCG RE processes your personal data manually or electronically, whereas KKCG RE may transfer data to any reliable third party that provides administrative, commercial or technical support on behalf of KKCG RE (these entities are the processors of personal data). Most often this refers to operators of Internet websites or persons cooperating with KKCG RE on company projects, in particular persons connected with and belonging to the KKCG group which is active on the real estate market as well as natural persons performing commercial activities on behalf of KKCG or entities performing commercial activities based on a contract.

4. Personal data storage period

We process your personal data only for the time specified by the applicable legal relations – that is, for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing. If you have provided us with your consent to processing personal data for marketing purposes, we shall process your personal data for 5 years.

5. Rights of data subjects

If KKCG processes your personal data based on any other legal basis, you have the right to object to such processing.

Your rights include: right to access your personal data, right to demand correction or deletion of personal data, right to restrict processing of your data, right to data portability and finally, your right to submit against KKCG RE as well as against the data administrator a complaint to the Office for personal data protection.

KKCG Real Estate is a member of the KKCG Investment Group. It was founded in 2012 for the purpose of ensuring effective management of the Group's real estate projects. Its main activities are residential and commercial development and facility management. The company also monitors real estate trends and markets, seeks out good investment opportunities and provides advice for the parent company KKCG SE. KKCG Real Estate's vision is to create permanent values combined with a genius loci with innovative architecture in line with sustainable development principles.

Aside from top´rezidence in Sarka Valley and Pomezi, KKCG Real Estate is also building the BOŘISLAVKA business and office centre, located just under 5 minutes away from top´rezidence. For more information about the Bořislavka project, please see the presentation at

KKCG is an international investment group administering more than CZK 50 billion in assets and employs more than 2,000 people. As a strategic investor, it focuses long-term on petroleum, natural gas and strategic investments related to lotteries and entertainment, real estate, travel, engineering and ICT. The KKCG Group holds stakes in more than 30 Czech and foreign companies, which include the MND Group, lottery company SAZKA sázková kancelář a.s., Vítkovice a.s., Vítkovice Holding, the Intermos Group, the Fischer travel agency group, Grossman Jet Service, Informační linky a.s. and more. KKCG is active in several countries of the world, specifically Cyprus, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Germany, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Georgia and Ukraine.

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KKCG Real Estate

member of KKCG Group
Seat: Vinohradská 230/1511,
100 00, Praha 10

File number: B 18164
filed with the Municipal Court in Prague
ID: 24291633, VAT number: CZ 24291633

The company is a member of the group whose management is the KKCG AG, reg. č. CHE 326 367 231, se sídlem Kapellgasse 21, 6004 Luzern, Švýcarsko

KKCG RE is a proud sponsor of the international classical music festival   International Music Festival - Dvořákova Praha